Learn about what you’re made of in minutes and gain huge insights about your body, metabolism, health and fitness levels.


It’s not just a simple scan, its a real measure of your success. The  Full Body Bioscan system takes body composition scanning to the next level leveraging the latest technologies and putting your scan results in the palm of your hand.

Once scanned by Full Body Bioscans,  your free app allows you and your trainer to track your body composition and provides macronutrient profiling, healthy lifestyle scoring and individualized supplement recommendations — all right on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

It allows you to know exactly how your wellness program is working and how you can make it even better. You can even take your results with you wherever you go.

Now you can know exactly how your wellness program is working and how you can make it even more efficient.


Easy To Use

Simply stand on the scanner and remain still

Super Quick

Scan process takes less than a minute

Full Body Analysis

Gives highly advanced measurements with over 40 internal insights

Track Results

Access your results and track your progress via the free App.

Scientifically Proven

Our technology utilises a multi-frequency, 8 electrode segmental measuring method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)


 Full Body BioscanStandard BIADEXABod PodSkinfold
Hand Held
Hydro Static
3D Scanner
Easily portable and cost-effective
Measures over 40 different parameters of data
Non-intrusive, non-claustrophobic, non-intimidating does not require the user to remove clothing.
Provides results in under 60 seconds in an easy to interpret report
Provides results of body fat percentage
Provides results of body fat in kg
Provides results of skeletal muscle mass kg
Provides results of protein mass in kg
Provides detail of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat separately
Identifies any muscle imbalances via measurement of each limb individually
Demonstrated industry best repeatability of test results
Provides internal health measurement with Bio Age
An App with an online tracking platform which will graph and show differences in body composition
Has a user-friendly interface where the machine can automatically send scan results to the users profile.
Provides users with the ability to access their calorie macronutrient profile according to goal, body type and individual scan.
Detailed analytics and insights. Dive deeper and get customer analytic and reporting to gain a better understanding and assist data driven decisions. Provide preventative and predictive data for health solutions.
Reports, overview data analytics, intuitive seach function, and fully automated Challenge Facilitator.


... and add extra income without any expense to you.

We partner with various locations for both walk-in and scheduled body fat and body composition testing, making it convenient and easy for everyone to get tested. In addition, we are always looking for new community partners to establish testing sites. If you would like to set-up a location and testing day for your gym, office, facility or a private event, please contact us about adding your location to our schedule.

Mobile body fat composition testing services are often held at health clubs, fitness centers, CrossFit clubs,  gyms, training studios, corporations, and many other locations.  Bringing us to your facility is a great service you can offer your clients, facility and your community.

Scheduled body composition testing also brings potential new customers to your facility, allowing you to share your services. In addition to creating a special event or one-time testing, it’s a great idea to have us routinely come out monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

We make it easy for you to implement our testing services while providing ongoing testing for your customers and clients that help them reach their medical, health and fitness goals. If you think you might be interested in booking us to come out to your facility or location, please click the button below.

Remember there is ZERO outlay for you.

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